My first week in the Philippines.

Those pictures are taken when I was in the Philippines. That picture shows my first week in the Philippines. I felt crazy. It was very hot and there were many mosquitoes and insects. At first, I didn’t like Philippines because the place was different compared to Korea. But, now I miss Philippines. I want to go there again… I swam almost all day but I can’t do that here in Korea.

Now, it’s snowing…


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February 28, 2011-We went to a restaurant

My family went to a restaurant because February 28th is my “Father’s Birthday”. We were happy at that time. The restaurant was very big and I think it is the most delicious. The dinner was great and there were many kinds of food- French, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and American.

I was very full. Oh! I want to go there again…

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My Picnic- Gwacheon Science Museum


I went to Gwacheon Science Museum. In the Museum there is an Aerospace Training Experience. So my family went there (without my mom).

I was expecting for that events. But it was so bored because I was a little lax. My brother joined that event but I didn’t.

I was so dizzy when I rode the crazy machines. They were turning anywhere and I felt crazy. You can see the picture above↑.

I don’t like that event.

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Smartphones – Enthrall People’s Eyes.

Now, the world is in smartphone competition. Almost all people use smartphones. There are many kinds of smart phones in the global market. There are many to choose Samsung, Microsoft, LG, Apple, Nokia and etc. Those companies make new phones.

I wonder why people prefer smart phones? What are the good points about smartphones?

Why people preferences the smart phones?

People say “Smart phones are the best phones in the world.” Yes, smartphones are the best phone. But why? Is it because, smart phones have a good system and comfortable. You can watch movies, television, listen to music, call, send message, search in the internet, and use dictionary in the one touch phone. Now, there are free internet and many services. So people want to buy. And the screen is big and easy to see. And they make new systems and try to make most comfortable phones and good designs each day. So, people prefer smartphones.

One time, I was in the subway. At that time, there was a soccer game match. So I saw DMB. I have a folder phone. And the other people took out their phone. Almost all of them got a  touchphone or smartphone. I was a little shy.

I wanted to buy that phone. But now, I’m okay. They can always use internet at Wi-Fi zone. I don’t care. I can use internet in my house! My phone is still folder. It’s okay for me. If I have smart phone, it’s better. But, I have common place and now is better than before, isn’t it? I couldn’t call anybody if I don’t have any phone.

So, I don’t need to buy any smartphones.


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Hello world! My Trip to Cebu and Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving

During my last two weeks in Philippines, I did scuba diving. I was scared of the sea, but after I submerged myself in to sea I was crazy with the fish. I was so amazed.

I never think about what’s underneath the sea. I was so happy. When I saw the fish, I was able to see many kinds of fish. I touched and saw many of them. I was delighted.

The sea was emerald in color and after scuba diving, I knew what’s underneath the water. There, I realize it is another world for the sea creatures.



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